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Holiday activities: which are among the most dangerous?

Is there anything more exciting than going on holiday abroad? Visiting a different country, seeing new sights and hearing new sounds can all be a lot of fun, but sometimes, there can be a catch. You can never be too sure what might happen when visiting somewhere new, especially if something bad might happen like an accident, leading to an injury.

Dangerous holiday activities

A survey by First4Lawyers revealed that some typical holiday activities overseas can be more dangerous than others, with some answers proving to be surprising. Here is a list of the top five answers from the poll:

Sightseeing: 17.1%

The classic holiday activity, seeing sights is usually something holidaymakers do at their own leisure. However, if, for example, you’re exploring a mountain range or cliff top, you could risk serious injury after a slip, trip or fall, especially on uneven terrain. There are numerous examples online like this one of how sightseeing is more dangerous than you might realise.

On the beach: 16.2%

The dangers that lurk on shores worldwide are a little more obvious, especially when dipping into the sea. Swimming in the water could put holidaymakers at risk of drowning or being bitten by sharks or smaller mammals or fish that live in the sea/ocean, while sunburn is always a possibility when you’re trying to catch a few rays.

In the hotel: 10.3%                                                                             

Your accommodation could have all sorts of dangers, and as one in 10 people in the survey revealed, injuries in hotels aren’t exactly rare. Everything from falling down uneven staircases to food poisoning can happen in a hotel, while dirty rooms can cause respiratory problems if not cleaned promptly.

Theme parks/visitor attractions: 6%

Visitor attractions and, more likely, theme parks are ripe for injuries. Although the vast majority of these venues take every safety precaution possible, even the slightest lapse in concentration can cause, say, broken ribs for someone injured while riding a rollercoaster or life-threatening illnesses after falling several feet midway through a ride.

Visiting nightclubs, bars or restaurants: 3.4%

Going for a few drinks on holiday is something many of us feel like doing, especially after a long day’s exploring. While it’s usually safe, you can never be too careful, especially if going to a busy bar or restaurant. Spiked drinks, food poisoning and falling on a slippery floor in particular can cause harm.

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