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Getting Lost in the Grandiose World of Rome

When you’re a fan of all things classical, the best tourist destination that should be at the top of your travel bucket list is Rome. The city carries the weight of a colorful, remarkable, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, sophisticated history proudly on its shoulder. Rome is a place where there is a divine marriage between classical and modern with a pulsating energy that makes everyone feel so alive. And despite being a metropolitan, the city remains relatively clean especially with the cold Tramontana breeze from the Alps and the hot Scirocco from the Sahara Desert. These are what make the Eternal City one of the top travel destinations around the world.


Getting around

Majority of the most popular tourist attractions are clustered within the city, so it would be great to go on foot. That way, you’ll have the chance to stop and appreciate everything. But if that’s not such a good idea, you can rent a bike or Vespa. You’ll also find several trams, taxis, coaches and rental cars within the city. If you’ll be visiting places on the outskirts of the city, it’s best to take the train through the Metro.


Best time to go

Rome doesn’t have an actual off-season with the slew of tourists coming into the city the whole year round. But if you’re asking for the busiest times, that would be Spring and Autumn, especially during Easter as pilgrims from all over the world flock to the Vatican at this time. So the best time to visit here would probably be at winter as locals would be out of the city for a vacation. Plus, hotels and restaurants are much cheaper.

Things to keep in mind

You can’t drink alcohol in the street. You can’t also go bare-chested as this can get you into trouble with the police. When visiting churches, your shoulders and midriffs must not be visible while shorts are also a no-no. It’s polite to say, “buon giorno” in the morning or “buona sera” in the afternoon. Say “prego” if someone thanks you by saying “grazie”. Leave a little tip for the nice server.

Most popular tourist spots


– Colosseum – the most famous amphitheater in the Roman world, which brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

– St. Peter’s Basilica – a major tourist attraction even to non-Catholics

– Pantheon – a well-preserved Roman building that served as a temple for the Roman gods.

– Piazza Navona – has three magnificent fountains and street cafes that serve cappuccino.

– Castel Sant’Angelo – the place where the famous novel by Dan Brown, Angels and Demons as filmed.

– Roman Forum – has a massive ruin of architectural fragments.

– Trevi Fountain – the famous Baroque fountain featuring a sculptural composition of the god of the sea Neptune with two Tritons.


– Vatican Museums – is built inside the Vatican City where you find some of the world’s most important relics.

Rome is such a magical place that you’ll find yourself getting lost in its grandeur and charm.

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