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Galleria Illy, art cinema and food culture in Beijing

After having made ​​stops in various cities around the world (the first New York and then Milan, Trieste following Berlin, Istanbul, London) Gallery Illy opened its doors in October the 26th , 2012 at Parkview Green FAngCaoDi in the center of the new business district of Beijing, where it remained open until December the 2nd , 2012. It had a dense cultural program of entertainment as always this vicious temporary and globe trotter proposes in it pilgrimage.

Galleria Illy

Galleria Illy

Art, video, design and documentaries was created by prominent intellectual Cote and artistic international experience alongside the “buds” of proposals from the University of tasting coffee, accompanied by Haiku Zen Josean Alija dishes, which features food as if they were characters , or the eggplant cannoli of our national Pino Cuttaia and selection of house wines of Brunello Mastrojanni. If you are traveling to the city then don’t forget to book in advance short-term apartments in Beijing, because the prices might vary.

The penalty for the symbol of the Galleria Illy, the Chandelier, is a propeller dramatic installation suspended in midair, consisting of cups of coffee with saucers on.

We like this italianity idea in the world, go there if you are in Beijing at that time, as the motto of the gallery there can be accompined by the taste of an excellent coffee, art and happiness (Sip of Coffee / Art & Happiness).

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