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First Time Cruisers: Tips and Advice

The annual holiday can be one of the most exciting times of the year – the anticipation is almost unbearable for some, as their departure date edges near and nearer and their chance to relax, unwind and escape the humdrum of daily life is just around the corner.



If this sounds like you, why not holiday with a difference this year and consider a cruise? It may not seem like it could be for you, particularly with the stereotypes that exist, but you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised if you take the plunge and go for it. Whether you’re happy with a mini cruise to Paris or you prefer a stint aboard the Radiance of the Seas, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at the 7-night Thomas Cook cruises available online and give a floating holiday a try.

Cruising has skyrocketed over recent years, as more and more people give this superb holiday a chance. In fact, one in eight foreign holidays are now a cruise, as people of all ages jump on board. Pay attention to some of the top tips, to ensure that you choose a cruise to suit you perfectly.

  • If you’re susceptible to seasickness, take the necessary precautions to help keep it at bay. With stabilisers and technology helping to balance the hulls, the chance of swaying is minimal – but if you do find yourself a little nauseous, at least if you had the necessary medication with you, you’ll be alright in no time.
  • Find a cruise that plenty of facilities to suit your age group. If you’re a young party animal, choose a megaship experience for plenty of amenities to suit. Equally, if you love fitness, opt for a vessel that has ample opportunities to stretch your legs.
  • If you don’t fancy yourself in a cocktail dress or tux, opt for informal cruises, such as those that offer ‘my time’ dining.

Read some of the literature associated with cruises and you’ll realise that this type of holiday could be just your thing. Take a look at the 7-night Thomas Cook cruises, today.

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