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Feel Like Royalty at Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge

Far from the impoverished state that Africa is most famous for, this huge land mass is actually home to a large number of luxury safari accommodations where guests are treated extraordinarily like royalty.

Royal Hospitality Done Right


Yes, the suites at Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge are exquisite and captivating, lending a full view of the nearby river with its crystal clear waters that mirror its surroundings. The river provides guests with an enthralling swim regardless of the time of day, allowing one to soak in the coolness of the waters to beat the heat at daytime. At nighttime, the river becomes fully illuminated as the lights from the suits and catwalks are reflected on the quiet waters.

The suites are intricately built using local materials and indigenous design, only made better and more comfortable with planks of wood lacing the floors, woven rattan furniture and large sheets of white draperies hanging above the ceiling.


Ecological Tourism at Its Finest

At the onset, this may mean making the gap between the poor and the rich more obvious, where the poor local people serve and grant the whims of the rich ones. But no, this is not actually the case with Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge.

The resort hires locals from two nearby villages who were well-trained to provide utmost service to guests through development of their natural talents from caring for plants to taking photographs. These local employees are not your usual servants; they are masters of their crafts.


The lodge likewise extends its support to the local communities by providing free education to their staff’s children through its early learning centre, which not only offers primary education to students but likewise breakfast and lunch free of charge.

Give and Take Cycle

Royal Chundu’s support for the local people did not stop at providing jobs and free education. The lodge also provided seeds for people to grow organically, and spearheaded a bream fish-breeding project to support local fishermen. The harvested produce is sold fresh to the lodge, which is then offered to guests, creating a cycle of give and take, and benefiting both the local community and the resort.


Organic farming and fishing has allowed villagers to cultivate sustainability as farms provide them with fresh and healthy food, source of income and source of organic medicine.

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