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Exploring the Mysteries That Dubrovnik Has to Offer

Wondering where your next stop will be? Make it Dubrovnik. A walled city on the Adriatic Sea coast, extremely south of Croatia, it is one of the favorite ports of call for most European cruise ships. But visiting it as part of a cruise is definitely a wrong move. With plenty of things to offer tourists and travelers alike, you should stay at least three full days in Dubrovnik.


What can you expect in this magical place?

Remnants of the past

Since 1979, Dubrovnik has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walled city has preserved certain memories of its past, especially what remains after it was heavily bombed during the Croatian War of Independence. Bullet marks and mortar damage are still visible, although most of the destruction has been repaired.


In the Old Town, you will find notable landmarks, including Roland’s Column, Bell Tower, Big Onofrio’s Fountain, Old Port and many others. This is also where the Placa Stradum is, a place that shows what the old city might have looked like, with its uniform houses in Baroque architecture.

City Walls

Dubrovnik is famous for the 2-km long wall that surrounds it. Along the stretch are 3 entrances, several forts and other tourist attractions worth visiting. At St. John’s Fort, for instance, there is an Aquarium and the Maritime Museum that are definitely worth visiting. The best times to check out the city walls are early in the morning and late afternoon during mid-summer, when the temperature is tolerable enough.


Apart from these, Dubrovnik also has plenty of churches, museums, beaches and other places of interest that will make your trip fun and exciting.

When it comes to accommodation and activities, this Croatian city offers a gamut of options, from simple to luxurious. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Dubrovnik today.


Photos by: Les HainesDennis Jarvis (2 images), and Eric Hossinger

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