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Explore Holland: The Breathtaking Land of Windmills

There is more to Holland than being the Land of Windmills. It is a home of most sought-after tourist spots that have etched their places in Dutch history. This luxury travel destination is an integral part of the maritime region in Western Netherlands. It is comprised of four of the largest cities namely Amsterdam, Rottendam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

What to See


The region boasts myriad of beautiful attractions including its scenic bodies of water and coastal dunes. Everywhere in Holland, you can also spot fragrant tulips. This makes the place a leader in tulip export. Keukenhof is the best place to check for these floral wonders. This historic park with more than 2,000 trees features thirty-two hectares filled with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and all the other spring bulbs.

Your trip to Holland would never be complete without getting near the famous windmills. There are over 1, 200 surviving windmills all over the region to date. These historic structures are products of science and architecture brought by early settlers in the region.


What to Wear

If you want to dress in authentic Hollander fashion, then don the traditional klederdracht clothing. The conventional footwear for women are wooden-made clogs. They are greatly used as tap shoes and as footwear for farms, factories and other industrial edifices.


Where to Go

To spice up your luxury travel to the place, visit its upscale restaurants and delight in native cuisines with flavorful and savory aroma. As you check their menus, you may notice that cheese  is the specialty of Holland as it is one of the best producers of this product.


Apart from the old structures that mirror the medieval society, there are also other historical landmarks located within the perimeters of the region. After going to those places, you may visit some world-class museums for free. Traveling to Holland is truly a luxury vacation you must dare not miss.

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