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Experiencing Seychelles and its Private-Island Resorts

Imagine lazing around talcum-powder beach enveloped by aquamarine waters with huge glacis boulders and lush hills as backdrops. Tourism advertisement? No, that’s just everyday routine in Seychelles. With a magnificent dreamlike setting, Seychelles unsurprisingly remains the top choice of couples and newlyweds for holiday getaways. However, if you are up for more than just beach romancing or sun tanning, this archipelago also offers numerous high-energy distractions.


For starters, there are diving and snorkeling activities to enjoy. There are also boat excursions, jungle tours and you can always explore your way through the long coastal areas. One of the things that make Seychelles interesting is its ecotourism.  In this archipelago, you will find plenty of natural reserves and marine parks. Endemic species also flutter about and they are fairly easy to approach.

Where to Stay


Seychelles has a lot of self-catering facilities. Family-run guesthouses are abundant in the country. But for those who wish to experience the place in luxury, of course there are also ultra-luxurious options to choose from.

North Island

North Island is a very exclusive resort with 11 spacious and luxurious thatched villas. It’s been designated as a potential sanctuary where natural habitats can actually be rehabilitated. Here you can find endangered Seychellois plants along with giant tortoises, birds and fruit bats among others.

Fregate Island


In Fregate Island can be found 17 palatial teak villas with private pools and dining pavilions. Guests will also be assigned their own butler. The resort offers a more conventional type of luxury. There’s a yacht club, a kids club and a PADI center. 

Denis Island


Denis Island forms a beautiful crescent of palm-fringed beaches. Although still a high-end resort, it is the more affordable option of the three with 3 villas and 22 cottages available. If you are craving for a luxurious experience in a tropical paradise, a stay in Denis Island will be your medicine with the lots of wildlife opportunities offered here: birdwatching, snorkeling and lagoon swimming with turtles, parrot-fishes and clownfishes.

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