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Experiencing Austria: What You Can Do, Where You Can Go

What makes Austria a great destination for comfort travelers is that it offers the best of two worlds: adventure with its natural landscapes and comfort with its elegant urban sleeves. One day you may be enjoying a relaxing plunge into a nearby alpine lake and the next, you’ll find yourself out exploring the interesting backstreets of Vienna.


Landscapes and Outdoors


Carved valleys, alpine meadows, views of rocky flanks of tall mountains and lakes with pristine waters – these are what will welcome you upon arriving in Austria. If you are more of the outdoorsy type of traveler, then you will most certainly enjoy hiking or biking towards the beautiful alpine meadows. However, if you are the type that simply wants to enjoy the sights, then definitely hop on to the chair lifts or cable cars. Out there, you’ll get to see the beauty the region has to offer – slopes and lakes and wide stretches of greenery.

Great Food and Wine 


Austria’s food is so diverse, it’s as though you can taste different countries in them. Vienna’s traditional coffee houses, in particular, provide such a homely feel, it’s perfect for just breathing in dark coffee aromas. Also, bistro pubs or Traditional Beisln can be found all over the place. They’re fairly easy to spot, being laced with aromatic smells of goulash and traditional dishes.

Explore out of Vienna and head to regions such as southern Styria, Danube Valley and the Waldviertel. These are places where you can enjoy rustic food and wine experience before picturesque landscapes. You might also want to head to wine taverns or Traditional Heurigen, which are almost everywhere, to check out local specialties.



Moving on to the more elegant side of Austria, do head on to the Kunthistorisches Museum and there you can admire gorgeous displays of art masterpieces. There’s also the option of enjoying a performance of the Lipizzaner stallions. Other than the great historical face though, Austria has so much more to offer. Mozart-inspired works of Arnold Schonberg echo atonally throughout the country; music festivals such as the Bregenzer Festspiele stage against mountain backdrops or lakesides; and artists such as Schiele, radical Actionists and Klimt feature in Vienna’s unique MuseumsQuartier.

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