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Entertainment vacation in luxurious Vegas

Las Vegas

Springing out of the sparse Nevada desert is a city of dreams, providing the ultimate luxury for vacationers mixed with every entertainment imaginable. Growing out of a small railroad town, Las Vegas developed to become synonymous with gambling and the final word in all-round leisure and recreation. This strobe light of a city attracts visitors from all over the world, from the big time poker players to the high-rolling spenders looking for a good time; Vegas is there to provide exactly what they want.

High-class hotels

The true meaning of luxury can be found at Las Vegas’ incredible roster of hotels, where the sky is the limit for non-stop entertainment, eating, drinking and pampering. Each luxury hotel has its own theme and will offer an amazing range of things to see and do.

Visitors might get up close to wild animals in a zoo or watch exotic fish swimming in an aquarium. Kids will have a great time in one of the many hotel amusement parks under glass, where terrifying roller coasters and death-defying leaps into space are all part of the fear and thrill experience.

These great hotels offer restaurants and bars oozing class and quality. A perfect cocktail – or two – might start the evening, followed by a gourmet meal featuring the finest seafood and steaks under the supervision of one of the world’s top chefs. Wines from all over the world make an ideal accompaniment, and a small digestif will help to complete this part of the evening.

If pampering is in order – and, of course, it should be – hotels provide the ultimate in spa treatments. Whether this is an Ayurvedic treatment from India to rebalance energy and wellbeing, a Swedish or Shiatsu massage, or indulgent beauty treatments with facial and skincare experts, everything is available without having to leave the accommodations.

Nothing is left out. Want to get married? Talk to the people at the wedding chapels. Need some tips on the best places to shop? Ask the concierge. Want a private entrance and facilities? Talk to the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Las Vegas means showbiz

Glitz and glamor are the name of the game at Vegas hotels. With many of the top names in showbiz and entertainment having performed there, it is not surprising that the shows are so popular. Names such as Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Taylor Hicks, Rod Stewart and Elton John have all graced the hotel theaters, and the Vegas line-up throughout the year will blow any mind.

The casinos are also a major draw, with board games and slots always popular, and there is a huge range of nightclubs, music venues, comedy clubs and huge Broadway musicals providing nightly entertainment.

Head for the hills – or the Grand Canyon

One of the best ways to see the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon in Arizona is to take a helicopter trip from Las Vegas. Leaving the neon glare of the city behind, the trip flies over the bleak desert until the huge gash carved by the Colorado River can be seen below. The trip can be combined with a landing, a boat trip, or the Skywalk – the transparent bridge on the edge of the canyon.

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