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Enjoying the Luxury a Luxury Hotel Can Offer

Accommodation these days run from the traditional to the bizarre. Some generate a buzz among tourists because of their design, location and amenities, while others are known the world over for their architecture and construction, such as the ice hotel in Dubai. Who knew such a hotel can exist in the middle of the desert, right?


Regardless of which luxury hotel you book, however, you should make the most of your stay. This is especially true if going on vacation is a rarity for you. How exactly can you maximize your stay?

Take advantage of the free amenities



Before you confirm your reservation, be sure to check all its inclusions. Does it come with a complimentary breakfast? Free use of the gym or swimming pool? How about a free airport transfer? Take note of everything that’s included in your booking and enjoy all of them when you get to the hotel.


Have your room cleaned daily

Hey, it’s not everyday that you get to have your own housekeeper. So enjoy the luxury service and feel like a pampered royalty for once, by having your room cleaned daily. Who wants to sleep in an untidy and cluttered room anyway? If you’re kind of messy, be sure to tip the housekeeper to compensate for the trouble you’ve caused. Of course, no housekeeper from a luxury hotel will complain, but being thoughtful can go a long way.


Get a good night’s sleep

The trouble with most people on vacation is that they stay out all day and night, leaving little time for sleeping. Don’t you want to enjoy the soft mattress and silk linen in your hotel room? If your own bedroom’s amenities are not up to par with that of a luxury hotel, you should take advantage of every moment that you can stay in it. Very few people can afford to book a room at a luxury hotel. So, if you’re given an opportunity, make the most of it.

Luxury travel photos by: Steve Johnson (Infinity pool), Mark (Breakfast in Warsaw), and Kassandra Bay Resort (Private pool and hotel room)

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