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Discover the beauty of the Fountain’s Abbey and Studley Royal Gardens

One of the most beautiful and evocative places that you can visit during a trip through the north of England is the set formed by the remains of the great medieval Abbey of Fountains and Studley Royal Gardens. According to in the Yorkshire region, near the medieval city of York you can visit the remains of a medieval abbey which dates back to the twelfth century. The Abbey Fountains are definitely a must on your tour of this part of England as they were a great religious center in the Middle Ages but the monastery was dissolved at the end of the sixteenth century.

Fountain's Abbey

Fountain’s Abbey

Fountain's Abbey Northern England

Fountain’s Abbey Northern England

Later during the eighteenth century next to the old medieval abbey were built some typical English water gardens which finished configuring a set of great natural beauty that encourages a visit in a nice setting.

Fountain's Abbey Autumn

Fountain’s Abbey Autumn

Fountain's Abbey Pillars

Fountain’s Abbey Pillars

In travel guides to England and Scotland there’s always information on the medieval Abbey of Fountains with a gallery of photos and the best tips to visit Abbey Fountains and the Studley Royal Gardens.

Fountain's Abbey Inside

Fountain’s Abbey Inside


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Fountain’s Abbey photos: Chauncey, Shaun Whiteman, Meteroshoweryn, Holly Hayes, Bart.

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