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De Kas | Gourmet lunch at a greenhouse

Impressive and with a highly original design is the restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam. Customers enjoy their meal within the specially designed area of a vegetable greenhouse. With a unique setting full of flowers, plants and vegetables, which are the raw material of food in this innovative restaurant, that has become a favorite for those who appreciate good cuisine and proper diet.

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

The excellent menu accompanied by homemade liqueurs and original salads, while in a special area they sell products that the greenhouse grows. Following an ecological philosophy, there are greenhouses and a garden near the restaurant where are cultivated Mediterranean vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

De Kas Resaurant,  Amsterdam

De Kas Resaurant, Amsterdam

Also, 10 kilometers from Amsterdam in Beemster, there is still an area where seasonal vegetables are grown outdoors. The 8 meter conservatory offers spectacular views during the day and is beautifully lit at night. The De Kas has advanced heating and air conditioning, which makes it a pleasant place to enjoy a meal within the winter and summer. From May to April, visitors will have the opportunity to browse through emissions, and watch the botanical lab of Beemster.

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

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By Nicole P.

De Kas photos: jorn schiemann, Valisa Iskandar, Suzana.


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