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Couchsurfing Pointers for First-time Travellers

One way to experience the culture of a country first-hand and at the same time not spend too much is through couchsurfing. Although this has been observed and practiced by many travellers years ago, some have ambivalent feelings on going on a trip and sleeping on a stranger’s couch for the first-time.

Here are some travel tips when couchsurfing for the first time:

Spend time knowing your hosts.

Since it is important to be corresponding with your potential couchsurfing hosts, take time to learn about them without being intrusive. This will give you the chance to make plans and and for your hosts to accommodate you on the days you will be staying over.

15846463093_d07581d934_zDo not forget to show appreciation to your hosts.

It is also essential to express your gratitude to people who will open their home to you. If you are coming from a different country, you can bring them something specific from where you live. A bottle of their favourite wine is also a good choice. Knowing what tokens you can bring with you is easy since couchsurfers include their interests in their profiles. And also, do not forget to offer your home to them in return, if they plan to visit your country or area in the future.

Jen and David - 054Be organised and clean after yourself.

Your hosts are kind enough to offer you to stay in their home and as a house guest, it is your responsibility to ensure the place is clean each time you leave for the day. Even if your hosts are friendly and accommodating, this does not mean you can take advantage of their hospitality. Wash the dishes, make up your bed and throw your rubbish.

6015811592_2bba91b010_bChoose a veteran couchsurfer.

Since this is your first time to try couchsurfing, it is smart to stay in the house of someone who is not new to this practise. Go for a host who has experience hosting for couchsurfers and has been a couch surfer, too.


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