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Club Med Cancun Yucatan – An All-Inclusive Family Resort in the Caribbean

The Yucatan Peninsula sits on the beautiful and historic Gulf of Mexico. There could be no fitter location for Club Med, which offers a great blend of family-friendly holiday luxuries from beaches to sports. It is a perfect destination to families with young tots or teens, and more so with single parents who wants to bring their kids for some needed family bonding.


The resort has suites and deluxe rooms each of which provides holidaymakers with extreme exclusivity, great comforts and privileged services. There is also a club with a 2-bedroom accommodation, offering guests with spectacular view of the garden and the ocean. Canopied beds are scattered around the poolside to provide comfort while reading a booking or sipping a cold drink. Meanwhile, the beachfront has open cottages where guests can truly enjoy basking under the sun and feeling the salty breeze.


Tourists have the options to join personalized excursions or simply laze around the resort and enjoy the seaside pool, the white sand beach, the restaurant’s daily servings, and spa treatments. Excursions allow guests to experience ancient Mexican cultures by visiting historical structures, sampling local cuisines and interacting with villagers.

Adults have the choice of engaging in more relaxed activities, or join their kids and teens in an array of resort programs catered to harness the young’s infinite energy. Activities include camping, trapeze, theater, trampoline, dj mixing and pop dancing, as well as water sports like windsurfing, sailing, and wakeboarding.


Club Med has three restaurants. La Hacienda is situated at the middle of the resort and offers buffet of international and Mexican cuisine as diners indulge in one of its 5 dining rooms overlooking the swimming pool. Las Cazuelas is a restaurant and a bar on stilts, giving a charming view of the ocean. It offers local dishes in a buffet during the day and Mexican fusion cuisine during the night. La Estancia, an Argentinean restaurant, provides guests with late meals.

The bars are usually open all day long through the evenings for some snacks, as well as servings of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The restaurants and bars designate the terraces as smoking areas, but most of the interiors are no smoking zones being a child-friendly resort.


Photos by: Rick Bolinmaziar hooshmand, and Brian

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