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Best Spots For Snorkelling & Scuba Diving Charters In The Med

The Mediterranean is an enormous playground for divers with rich marine life, diverse corals and a wealth of hidden treasures in its turquoise waters, making it the perfect destination for both scuba diving charters and snorkelling charters. 

But with more than 90,000km of coastline and surface area of a staggering 2.5-million km2, the options for cool diving and snorkelling trips are seemingly endless.

So, where to head for Mediterranean snorkelling and scuba diving charters?

As you can well imagine, the multitude of dive sites that the Mediterranean affords offers the opportunity for plenty of different exciting experiences. For example, the marine life that you will discover on a snorkelling charter in the South of France will be hugely different to the fish species that you will see on a scuba diving charter in waters off the Azores, in Portugal.

Here are our four favourite spots in the East Med – and four of the best spots in the West – for snorkelling and scuba diving:

East Mediterranean Sea

  1. The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Number one for scuba diving charters in the East Med is the stunning Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, which stretches from Zadar in the north to Dubrovnik in the south. Here you will find crystal-clear waters teeming with an incredible variety of fish, nudibranchs and seahorses, as well as fascinating underwater landscapes featuring limestone cliffs covered in sponge and submerged caves.

  1. Iraklia, Greece

Waters off the stunning Greek islands offer endless possibilities for divers on crewed yacht charters. One of our favourites are the dive sites off the island of Iraklia, which belongs to the “Small Cyclades” or “Lesser Cyclades” group of islands. Here you will find historic treasures such as a German hydroplane that sank during the Second World War, as well as breathtaking reefs which are home to species such as manta rays, octopus and glassfish.

  1. Dragonisi Island Caverns, Greece

Another great spot for scuba diving charters is the uninhabited island of Dragonisi, which lies off the coast of Mykonos. Dragonisi Island is home to some of the most spectacular natural rock formations in the world, which are literally teeming with a wonderfully varied marine life including yellow sea anemones, glassfish and monk seals.

  1. MS Zenobia, Cyprus

Hardcore divers on scuba diving charters should consider heading to Larnaca in Cyprus where you can discover MS Zenobia, known as The Zen, in waters off the coast. The Zen, a Swiss-built ferry, sank on her maiden voyage in 1980 and now lies just off the Larnaca coastline. Experienced divers can descend to 42 metre, whilst trained professionals can actually dive amongst the cars that still lay intact in the ferry.

West Mediterranean Sea

  1. Stintino, Sardinia

The Italian island of Sardinia offers endless possibilities for yacht charter guests wishing to dive or snorkel, with its gin-clear sea, hidden coves and an exoctic marine life. If we wanted to single out one area it would be Stintino, a beautiful village in Sardinia with waters that host shoals of beautiful coloured fish.

  1. Azores, Portugal

If you are looking to dive amongst bigger sea creatures, we recommend that you head to the waters off the Azores islands, in Portugal. Charter guests can dive in waters inhabited by legendary mammals such as sunfish, humpbacks and beaked whales as well as turtles, manta rays and hammerhead sharks.

  1. Gozo and Comino, Malta

A favourite dive site in water off the Maltese archipelago is known as the Blue Hole, a stunning underwater archway covered in coral. Here you will find shoals of damselfish, bogue and barracuda. Meanwhile in the nearby open seas you will be able to see dolphins, sharks and octopus.

  1. Côte d’Azur, France

Finally, let’s turn to the South of France, where divers are able to enjoy more than 85,000 km2 of marine reserves where nearly 100 wrecks lie under the azure blue waters. Favourite sites include the Rubis, a mine-launcher submarine which lies off the coast of Saint-Tropez. Explore this unique relique of French military heritage before heading into the port for an aperitif – you’ve earned it.

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