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Berlin: Bierbikes are a potential threat to the public

Bierbikes in Berlin

It is such a pity: I have never mounted aboard a Bierbike and already want to bring down the law! Everything takes place in Berlin, in the home of beer like her sister Monaco, where there are these huge yellow rickshaw carrying a keg and a stapler for beer as well as seating as many as 16 tourists at once.

Bierbikes in Berlin

Bierbikes in Berlin

A nice collective mean of transport but for motorists who are walking the streets of the German capital would be a scourge of the road, because they are slow (but better pedalling on the road rather than on the cycle paths),they are bulky and usually carry tipsy young and eager to make noise and create confusion among the passers-by. For these (and other) reasons, the Berlin Senate decided to put a stop to the rental and use of Bierbike in the German capital. The transit of these tourist vehicles will be limited from now on a few streets, and probably will be allowed only at certain times.

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