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Be Inspired and Have Fun in Kolkata

Once the jewel of the British Empire, India is without doubt a fascinating country. Kolkata is the epitome the magical fascination of the nation. Its history bleeds through every aspect of life in this vibrant city and shaped it into what it is today.

Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, as a city was created by the East India Company as a trading post under the British Raj. From 1773 until 1911 the city was India’s capital. It is also home to Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Theresa, who is entombed in the city.

In West Bengal State, Kolkata is India’s only major riverine port and is steeped in British colonial history. It is the commercial and cultural hub of East India and is the principle educational center of the region. Legacies of Empire rule are apparent across the city through its infrastructure and architecture.

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In the Name of an Empress, The Victoria Memorial Palace

As a dominant figure on the banks of the Hooghly River, and in memory of Queen Victoria, sits the Victoria Memorial Palace. Completed in 1921, this magnificent marble edifice plays testimony to Indian craftsmanship and classic colonial design. The palace is a dedicated museum with 25 separate galleries. Explore the history of Kolkata, browse the portrait gallery or study great literary masterpieces from historically renown scribes, such as Shakespeare and Omar Khayyam.

Discover the Great Temples of Kolkata

Dakshineswar Temple and the Kalighat Temple are perhaps the two most prominent Hindu temples in Kolkata. Both of these magnificent temples pay homage to the Hindu Goddess Kali, who is considered to be symbolic of motherly love. Although there are many temples in Kolkata, few can match the way in which these manage to submerse a visitor and envelop them in their spiritual warmth. Regardless of faith, visiting these temples is a touching experience.

Get Enlightened at Science City

Located on Haldane Avenue, is Science City. This is a great day out for adults and children. Kolkata is known as a center of knowledge and intellect, and Science City will stretch your mind beyond belief. There’s the maritime center, mirror magic, the time machine and 3D vision theater, as well as the fresh water aquarium and butterfly enclave. This really is a full day of fun and intellectual stimulation for all the family.

Understanding Our Origins at State Archeological Gallery

Established in 1962, this museum houses an incredible collection of artifacts which are beautifully presented. Learn about man’s evolution from early stone age to where we are today. Displayed are wood carvings, bronzes, terracotta, textiles and manuscripts which chart our journey of existence. The gallery is open five days a week, and is one visit that must be crossed off the to do list.

A Romantic Evening at Princep Ghat

A Ghat is literally a flight of steps. Princep Ghat, built under the British Raj, is one of the oldest and best known in the country. The ghat leads down to the Hooghly River. From here you can see the River Ganges and the palace. Sip tea and gorge on the culinary delights always available at Princep Ghat, and watch the romantic sunset over the impressive Howrah bridge.

Look to the Heavens at Birla Planetarium

Anyone, kids or adults, with a fascination for the heavens above us will love a visit to Birla Planetarium. This is a purpose-built observatory, but with a distinctive Indian architectural style. There are daily astronomy shows in multiple languages and it has its own wonderful visual universe experience. This will take you on a journey through space to experience planetary collisions and the birth of our moon, plus much, much more. Birla Planetarium really is learning with enjoyment.

Built on its colorful history and intellectual prowess, Kolkata is a must visit destination in India. With regular flights to Kolkata and great deals, partner with us at Thai Airways to ensure a trip to remember.

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