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A Wine Lover’s Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife has a reputation as the island where there’s ‘something for everyone’ and that’s especially true for wine lovers looking to discover something a little different from what they usually find on supermarket wine shelves back home.

If you’ve read all the reviews of CLC World’s resorts and have decided it’s your turn for a relaxing holiday to their  resorts in Tenerife you may be surprised to learn that the island’s great grapes are within easy reach. What’s more, discovering them is  the perfect activity to enjoy away from the midday sun on the Playa de las Americas!

History in a Glass

There are off-the-beaten-track wines, and then there are the wines from the Canary Islands. Yet, while you may never have come across a wine from this Spanish island chain off the coast of Morocco, wine has in fact been made here for over 500 years. The island of Tenerife is home to half of the 10 recognized wine areas, or “DO’s” of the Canary Islands, and is the largest wine producer of the archipelago. In the last decade or so, wine connoisseurs around the world have started to spread the message about the quality of Canary Island wine through glowing reviews, although it has actually  had an international following for centuries – fans of Shakespeare will undoubtedly be familiar with the references to Canary wines in the play Twelfth Night!

Great Grapes of Tenerife

The Canary Islands are notable for being one of the few wine regions that escaped the devastating phylloxera louse that destroyed vineyards around the world in the 19th century.   A predominance of local grapes also makes Tenerife a wonderful destination for those who like to discover new and unusual wines. Along with exotic-sounding grape varieties such as Marmajuelo and Baboso Negro, Listán Blanco is one of the principal white grapes planted on the island. More commonly known as Palomino, of Sherry fame, when grown here it produces a dry wine which is crisp, fruity and delicious.

Three Vineyards to Visit in Tenerife

The wineries of the Abona DO, an appellation in the south of the island, are found in the elevated hills behind Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas and are an easy drive from CLC World Tenerife. Given the volcanic nature of the soils here, don’t be surprised if you find that many of the white wines have a mineral flavour to them, but they are super zingy and fresh as the finest island wines are. Wines bottled under this appellation can only be white, although many vineyards also produce non-appellation red and rosé wines.

  • Set 1300m above sea level in Vilaflor, less than 30 minutes from CLC Monterey, Altos de Trevejos is producing some of the most exciting wines on the island. Although the family are long-standing winemakers, this vineyard is still very young and was established in 2012. The setting is stunning and the bodega is a typical Tenerife finca. Along with still wines, they also produce a sparkling white and rosé! Bookings necessary.
  • To make a day of it, Bodega Frontos is just ten kilometres away in Granadilla de Abona and claims to have the highest vineyard in Europe. You may be lucky enough to taste one of their wines while dining in Los Cristianos – the rosado (rosé) is a great match to a lamb tagine – but a visit to this impressive bodega will introduce you to the entire range. Guided visits must be reserved in advance.

With a reputation as the best producer on the whole of Tenerife, wine lovers   will find the one-and-a-half-hour journey from Los Cristianos to Suertes del Marqués, on the northern side of the island in the Valle de la Orotava DO, well worth it – along with the organic wines made from very old vines, the views of the Atlantic Ocean are something to savour.

Where to Stay

The facilities at CLC World’s holiday resorts in Tenerife deliver everything you need for an unforgettable family vacation with a coastal location, superb accommodation and delicious dining options on resort. You’re also perfectly placed to discover the island’s wines – whether you take a day trip into the hinterland and  the Abona DO vineyards or order a bottle at a restaurant in Los Cristianos.



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