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A tour of Barbados | Elegant and Luxurious Holiday

Barbados is an island nation that is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean which boasts a truly spectacular natural paradise. Due to the location of this island, the beaches are the main tourist attraction and something unmissable on the island of Barbados. It is recommended that one visits the western and southern areas of the island, where the waters are clear with good color contrast of white and sometimes pink fine sand along the coast. There are a lot of activities that can be performed on these beaches, such as diving, snorkeling or surfing in the east where the Atlantic Ocean generates the necessarily important waves to practice this sport. They are truly grand!

Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach

Back in town, you can spend some time to learn a little about the architecture of Barbados expressed in some buildings and monuments that are worth knowing. It is the case of Bussa Emancipation Statue, Christ Church Parish and Barbados Historical Museum where you can learn much about the history of the city and its evolution over time. If it’s your first time in Barbados you should definitely pay them a visit. It will change the way you see the island.

You have to keep at least a few hours to dedicate to shopping in Barbados because it has a very good range of duty-free shopping that are a must to buy products such as jewelry or technology. Even if you’re not into shopping, once you start, you’ll spend a lot of time there as there are very interesting products. Night of Barbados is another activity that cannot be lost because it has life and can be enjoyed in most parts of the island.

Barbados Beauty

Barbados Beauty

Also if you consult with an agency or tourist information office you can reserve a helicopter ride around the island, deep sea fishing and to go exploring ancient caves. This is only some of the great number of interesting activities in Barbados. Not convinced yet? Then Barbados Holidays from Elegant Resorts should do it for you. This high end luxurious resort will enhance your stay in Barbados. Not only can they help you improve your already existing plans but you can also be provided with ready plans which make the most of the island at your own convenience with their deluxe service. You can arrange any type of holiday you want, from a honeymoon to a family holiday with ease. Barbados island is a true paradise and visiting it will be an unforgettable memory!

Barbados photos: Tarik Browne, Nenak Spasojevik.

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