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A dream hotel in Venice | Palazzo Sant ‘Angelo

The Palazzo Sant’Angelo is located in the heart of Venice, next to Piazza San Marco and just fifty meters from the Vaporetto Sant ‘Angelo. After passing the gondola the Rialto bridge in front of you will see the Renaissance Palazzo. Stop and watch the private wooden pier and admire while the Renaissance façade of which is painted in pale pink. Descending from the gondola, all the steps you will be on a thick red carpet until you reach the hotel entrance.

Palazzo Sant 'Angelo, Venice

Palazzo Sant ‘Angelo, Venice

Your first stop is the living room with Venetian antiques, magnificent floors, rich curtains and chairs dressed with shiny fabrics in shades of purple and green. Grasp one next to an antique fireplace is decorative as in many hotels and buildings in town. The large windows framing the live table with gondolas and vaporetto that go on water trails Serene and fabulous palaces rising from its greenish waters.

Palazzo Sant 'Angelo, Canal Grande Lounge

Palazzo Sant ‘Angelo, Canal Grande Lounge

Difficult to choose from the best hotel suite. Those who do not see the legendary Canalasso, overlook the quiet side canal or small romantic garden with climbing plants and colorful flowers. This, however, choosing the most VIP guests and honeymooners is none other than the Canal Grand View Suite DeLuxe, located on the third floor and as the name suggests has views of the Grand Canal from the three series of huge windows.

Palazzo Sant 'Angelo, Junior Suite

Palazzo Sant ‘Angelo, Junior Suite

The beauty does not stop there. The walls are dressed with silk, red wallpaper with golden patterns on a horizontal line and the floors covered with thick Moroccan carpets. The bathroom is lined with precious Carrara marble and green Alp. Surprising jacuzzi, cuddly, which will let yourself every night, when setting our mood light intensity. Attention, to get to the elevator that will press the button on the second floor.

Wake up in the morning and grasp a seat in the hotel breakfast room. The scene dressed in wood and silk upholstery in shades of terracotta, original antiques, tables with elegant art de la table and porcelain filled with grain, Italian meats and cheeses, fresh seasonal fruit, steamed whole wheat buns, omelets with mushrooms from the Italian countryside, red peppers and spicy salami.

Palazzo Sant 'Angelo, Breakfast room

Palazzo Sant ‘Angelo, Breakfast room

From such a breakfast would not be complete without tempting smells fresh coffee. For the sweetness all fashioned sugar cubes into small jars. In the same area, and will return in the afternoon for tea, which in taste and aroma of your choice arrives with caramelized figs and walnuts, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. At night, the wooden bar and martini bar serves many cocktails, alternating Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with the melancholic keys Arvo party.

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Palazzo Sant ‘Angelo photos: Travelive Photos.

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