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8 Least Visited Attractions in Britain That’s Worth Seeing

British Museum, Westminster Abbey, Edinburg Castle, and Big Ben – these are just some of heavyweights that dominate Britain’s travel scene. But did you know that there’s more to UK than these mammoth attractions?

If you want to get to know the country better, spare a thought for these eight less visited English attractions:

  1. Birmingham Museum Collection Centre

This humble building holds under its roof 80 percent of Birmingham Museums Trust’s stored collection. Among which are steam engines, sculptures, and classic motor cars.


  1. Weoley Castle

If ruins captivate you, Weoley Castle is probably something you’d like to see. The castle keepers will be happy to give you a tour and explain to you why Weoley Castle is one of Birmingham’s hidden gems and monument of importance.

  1. St Peter’s Church (Northampton)

This Anglican church is considered one of the most outstanding Norman architectures in the country and is included in Alec Clifton-Taylor’s list of ‘best’ English parish churches. Why? Visit it for yourself and find out.


  1. St. John Church (Leeds)

St. John was built in the early 1700s – a time where very few churches was built in England. The church is popular for its superb carved wooden screen, which is richly and intricately decorated with flowers, hearts, vines, and grotesque heads of animals and humans.

  1. Royal Burgh of Culross

If you’re looking for some peach and quite, Royal Burgh of Culross is the place to go. The quaint, picturesque town will take you back to the 16th-century Scotland with its whitewashed, red-tiled and well preserved buildings, cobbled alleyway, and historic Culross Palace.

  1. Whipple Museum of the History of Science

A place for the curious, the Museum holds a collection of scientific instruments, apparatus, models, books, and many other materials related to science and its history.

  1. Logan Botanic Garden

The Logan Botanic Garden boasts remarkable collection unusual and beautiful plants from the southern hemisphere. Green thumbs will definitely enjoy its collection of world plants in its Walled Garden.


  1. Drum Castle

One of the oldest Scottish tower houses, the Drum Castle has been firmly standing on its ground since the 14th century. It was the seat of the chief of the Clan Irvine.

Photos by: Elliott BrownJim LinwoodTim Greenalljengi

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