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5 Ways to Make the Most of Technology While at the Airport

An airport is one of the worst places to be in especially for tech-savvy people – people who can’t take their hands and eyes off their gadgets. Some of the most frustrating concerns any travelers have in a lot of airports include weak mobile phone reception, no Wi-Fi and universal power outlets in every terminal.

With these nifty tools, a trip to the airport need not be a sordid experience. Here are 5 ways to make the most of the power of technology when in an airport:

Google Voice

– cellular reception at airports are the worst. But you can make calls and texts without using up your data plan. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection (maybe in a café or lounge) as well as Google Voice and Hangouts. Just set up your voice phone number and be able to communicate.


Airplane mode

– with fast chargers and portable power banks, taking your gadgets in your travels won’t be a problem anymore. But if you want to fill up your battery much faster, you should put your phone in airplane mode. This theory has been confirmed by a tech site.


Portable gadget organizer

– to achieve a stress-free airport life, you need to keep all your devices organized. These include your mobile phones, tablet PCs, chargers and power packs. A portable organizer will definitely make your travel life so much easier.


Portable power strip

– while rushing to get to your flight on time, you might forget to charge some of your gadgets. So, you just think that you’ll do it at the airport. But once you get to the lounge area, everyone else is using an outlet. With a portable power strip that offers standard outlets and USB ports, you can fill up the batteries for several devices at once.


Digital luggage tracker

– there had been a lot of times when airlines have lost a passenger’s luggage. To avoid losing your valuables while touring around the world, you can take a digital luggage tracker to deter theft and locate your belongings should your airline lose it or ship it somewhere else.

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