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5 Cheapest Destinations in Europe for Backpackers This 2016

Amsterdam, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and Zurich – Europe is home to some of the most expensive destinations in the world. But did you know that it is also home to some amazing bargain cities where many things cost only about a quarter as much for many international travellers?

Just a month ago, the Europe Backpacker Index released its 6th annual edition and ranked 56 cities in the continent from the cheapest to the most expensive. Here are the top 5:


Kiev, Ukraine

Compared to the rest of Europe, Kiev has always been the cheapest, probably because the conflict and uncertainty that Ukraine has gone through.

Daily Backpacker Index: $22.84/day

Hotel: $80 (cheapest hostel/night)

Transportation: $8 (public transportation/day)

Meals: $288 (three budget meals/day)


Bucharest, Romania

Not the kind of place tourists flock to, but it certainly has some interesting attractions. Not to mention, you’ll be rewarded with a lowest price around.

Daily Backpacker Index: $23.42/day

Hotel: $25 (cheapest hostel/night)

Transportation: $5

Meals: $43.20

Krakow, Poland

A perfect destination for those looking for a weekend break in a budget, Krakow  boasts of many great and cheap restaurants and hotels.

Daily Backpacker Index: $25.15/day

Hotel: $35.23 (cheapest hostel/night)

Transportation: $5.60

Meals: $24


Sofia, Bulgaria

What it lacks in major attractions it makes with its pleasantness and very welcoming attitude to tourists, Sofia can give you lovely urban experience at affordable prices.

Daily Backpacker Index: $25.56/day

Hotel: 13.70 (cheapest hostel/night)

Transportation: 2

Meals: $16.80

Belgrade, Serbia

While it admittedly lacks major attractions, Belgrade is by no means a very pretty capital with almost gritty exuberance. It is the best to go for urban trekkers and those who love anything manmade.

Daily Backpacker Index: $26.74/day

Hotel: 6 (cheapest hostel/night)

Transportation: $1.5

Meals: $9.60

It is interesting to note that the inflation rate in Europe was virtually 0% in last 12 months, so 2016 is an excellent year to pursue that vacation you have been putting off.


Photos by: Ruben FagerengApionidkokorowa shinjin and Rakel Sánchez

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