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3 of Britain’s Bike and Car Trails

If you are travelling to Britain and are looking forward to exploring the beautiful landscapes, there are trails to choose from where you can either experience by car or by bike. In England and Wales, there are National Trails for walking, cycling and horseback riding. By the year 2020, the longest and newest National Trail will be completed and will be called the England Coastal Path.

While the waiting is ongoing, here are some existing bike and car trails you might want to explore:

  1. Boars Hill 


If you want to experience the breath-taking sunset in Oxford and get a view of the rolling countryside, from the Vale of the White Horse and the Berkshire Downs, this is where you want to go. Located six miles southwest of Oxford via the Abingdon Road to Boars Hill, this place is accessible via car or bicycle. For spectacular views, tourists and visitors can enjoy the landscape 530 feet above at the summit of Jarn Mound.

  1. South Downs National Park


Driving up or pedalling for nine miles is worth the trip passing through Pulborough and Arundel in West Sussex. The enchanting view over the Downs is complemented by the sights along the path, from the River Arun and A29 up to Bury Hill. For the descent to Arundel, feast your eyes with the view of the Catholic Cathedral and the castle. If you are a cyclist, try the off-the-beaten path by taking one of the bridgeways that is off the main road and is near the Whiteways Roundabout.


  1. Watership Down, Hampshire 

Situated on the edge of the North Wessex Downs and proximal to Kingsclere and Highclere, this beautiful trail offers a path for cyclists, the Wayfarer’s Walk that is found along the ridge. Visitors with cars can also experience the place by parking in Kingsclere. It is also where an Iron Age hill fort is located at the summit.


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