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3 More Private Villas to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

For some people, their idea of a satisfying holiday is staying in posh hotels or resorts and being pampered like royalty. If you have the money to splurge, why not book a stay at one of these private villas?


Villa Ilhabela, Brazil

This luxury villa is created by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan who designs some of the most amazing houses owned by the ultra-rich in the country. This villa is one of the rare rentals designed by this amazing architect. It is located in the south of Sao Paulo in its densely forested island of Ilha Bela, which in Portuguese means “beautiful island”. Since this high-end accommodation is pretty much secluded, the only access here is through a boat. This means that you can have this exclusive summerhouse all to yourselves.


Le Preverger, Provence, France

This private property is located in La Garde-Frenet, a medieval village, in the hills above St Tropez. It is made up of a main house, a chateau with four bedrooms, a guest villa, a pool house and a coach house. It also has 150 acres of olive groves, landscaped gardens, oak and chestnut woods, vineyards, tennis court and pool.


Over the years, Le Preverger has played host to some esteemed guests, from Hollywood A-listers to royalty, including Princess Diana of Wales, Lady Margaret Thatcher and Pablo Picasso. If you stay here, you’ll get to be neighbors with Liam Neeson, the Redgraves and Johnny Depp.

Iniala Beach House, Phuket, Thailand


Mark Weingard, former derivatives and philanthropist and founder of Iniala, said in an interview, “I wanted to create many extraordinary environments’ in one exclusive location. I visited design exhibitions around the world and looked for designers and designer-artists who expressed great originality with beauty.” Weingard also feels that his beach house is more than just a luxury accommodation where you can relax by the beach. Rather, he considers it a temple of global art, gastronomy and design. This is evidenced in the villas surrounding the original structure. Each of the villa had its own designer and artist to ensure a unique appeal. This means that you can forget everything you know about lavish villas in the country.

Photos by: Bart SpeelmanAvá AraujoFrançois Philippreibai

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