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Where and how you can enjoy the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the biggest natural phenomenon on Earth and this year, according to forecasts of NASA, this winter will have another solar maximum, which means increased cosmic activity and better chances to see these famous ethereal illuminations. You need to certainly travel on the northern tip and you will have to close dwellings in time, as the area can be characterized, in terms of weather conditions, a little inhospitable. You have to know where to stay in order to make sure that apart from this magical natural phenomenon, you will enjoy a few hours of warmth as well.

Aurora Bubbles

The huge, transparent, inflatable bubbles are located deep in the Finnish Lapland, where you can enjoy the Northern Lights in all its glory. Bubbles are heated and large enough to fit a double bed and a bathroom that you may be lying under the duvet and your chance to watch the celestial dome! During the day, you can go sledding or fishing through the ice and learn all about the culture of the Sami.

Aurora Bubbles

Aurora Bubbles

Northern Lights train

Embark on a luxurious train and cross Russia in search of the Northern Lights. In company with the Golden Eagle from St. Petersburg to Moscow will have an astronomer who will explain the phenomenon, while you enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurant of the train, and a panoramic view of the landscape from your cabins.

Northern Lights Train

Northern Lights Train

Arctic cruise

In order to enjoy the best Reykjavik Tours, you will have to depart from Reykjavik Iceland for Scoresby Sund in East Greenland and make the way around. Enjoy a luxury cruise away from any trace of light pollution, which will ensure the ideal viewing conditions in the Northern Lights.

Arctic cruise, Scoresby Sund

Arctic cruise, East Greenland

Frozen ship

Watch the Northern Lights from the sole, icy hotel ship in the world. The 36 meter long ship is trapped in a frozen fjord in the northern archipelago of Svalbard, Norway, one of the few places in the world where one can see this impressive natural phenomenon even during the opening hours day. It has 10 well appointed staterooms, two living rooms, a restaurant and bar. In this can be reached only by snowmobile or sleigh drawn by dogs and is several kilometers away from culture.

Frozen ship

Frozen ship

By Nicole P.

Northern Lights places to stay photos: jesse adler, Marie and Alistair Knock, Webmaster, Aurora Zone.

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