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The most unbelievable elevators in the world

Futuristic, very tall, very unusual and unique, the following elevators provide a unique experience, even if the trip lasts only a few seconds. See them below!

Stockholm, Sweden

The 20 minute trip to the Skyview glass gondola carries 16 passengers at the top of the emblematic Ericsson Globe and it is the best way to enjoy the views across the city from a height of 130 meters.



Berlin, Germany

The elevator in AquaDom climbs inside the 25 meter aquarium. During the rise, you have the opportunity to see over 100 different marine species through the glass walls.



Missouri, USA

The 4 minute ride in futuristic cabins on the top of 192 meters the Gateway Arch is one of the most exciting in the world so it is necessary to book tickets to avoid queues.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

Falkirk, Scotland

The Falkirk wheel is essentially a lift for boats and small ships. Build to join channels Forth & Clyde Canal and Union, which have an elevation difference of about 24 meters and thus carries ships from one channel to another. Receives thousands of visitors each year who enjoy lovely views of the countryside of Scotland from the 35 meter wheel.

Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk Wheel

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By Nicole P.

Elevator photos: kilmousk, Kwong Yee Cheng, Lebovox, Klaus Heb.

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