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The most beautiful beaches, Zlatni Rat in Croatia

It is time for sea and beaches, apart from those of the Caribbean or Brazil. Now it’s time for Christmas, markets and cribs (considering the offers of cool hotels?). I have nothing against Christmas, but that is my fault if those of last year’s one have already thought about next summer, with many new destinations in the sea. Then the cold comes, a nice picture on the desktop, dreaming of the sea and this is just fine.

Zlatni Rat in Croatia

Zlatni Rat in Croatia

The beach is Zlatni Rat on the island of Brač in Croatia. The beauty is that this beach is very vain, so now you see this like a bad opportunity, but tomorrow, you could see that with another “eye”, with another shape and length. It depends on the mood, not the beach, but the winds and currents in this part of Croatia.

Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat

So changing a beach, pebbles, frequented by lovers of the sea, surfing (when it pulls the “wind”) and naturism (in the western part), a pine forest behind, some caves and coves, the sea and a history made of bitter disputes, which only tourism has managed to soften (and scent with the lavender island).

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

The beach is about 2 km from Bol in Croatia, the main tourist resort on the island. Normally you can get there by boat from Split, but in summer someone can arrive by plane, landing at the small airport of the island.

Photo 1 Emich, Photo 2  ahenobarbus, Photo 3 Sitom

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