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Reasons to love Scotland

Edinburgh Old Town

The country of castles, myths, the highlands, islands and hundreds of whiskey is in the very few travel enthusiasts that will just pass through without exploring it. We managed to fit in our list only some of the many reasons that make us love Scotland. See them below!

The old town of Edinburgh

The old town retains its medieval architecture and many buildings from the time of the Reformation, with large blocks between the streets to host flea markets. Here you will find the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh University and numerous underground streets. The Royal Mile, a historic road network is the most centrally located in Edinburgh’s Old Town atmosphere that combines Gothic, medieval buildings, churches and museums, and impressive buildings and all kinds of shops. At George Street you will find many shops and the Grassmarket, the famous neighborhood of the old city that was once the place of execution, now is the center of night life.

Edinburgh Old Town

Edinburgh Old Town

The Hogmanay

It is the largest New Year’s Eve revelry in the world. And because when it comes to entertainment, the Scots are not joking, are taken care of first and second day of the year a holiday. The scepter keeps the Edinburgh course. Imagine streets flooded by thousands of people getting wild, musical tents at various points in the city, huge parades of people with torches, plenty of food and drink, street performers, jugglers and giant screens.



The castles

According to estimates, there were once 3,000 castles in Scotland. To admire 17 of them, you can get the tour Castle Trail taking place in the area around Aberdeen.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The Loch Ness

The large, deep lake is arguably the most famous of Scotland thanks to the mythical monster, Nessie as it is called, that the legend wants to live in murky waters. Even if you fail to locate it, just like any other of the 6th century that first made the appearance of will admire picturesque villages, magnificent nature and the evocative backdrop of Loch Ness.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness, Scotland

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By Nicole P.

Scotland photos: Cedric Converset, Harley Mac, Pete, Tim White.


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