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Los Angeles | Mansions and luxury shops of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

If from Downtown Los Angeles or from Hollywood we go to the beach in Santa Monica we pass by the popular city of Beverly Hills, famous for the great mansions where movie stars and rich people live. This area is generally very beautiful and the beach is amazing. This is the reason why so many famous people have chosen to live here. It has turned into a meeting point of celebrities and it is truly become one of the most luxurious places in the world to live!

Beverly Hills Beach

Beverly Hills Beach

The streets of this residential area are characterized by large areas landscaped with palm trees surrounding huge mansions. Yes, it’s the kind of image we’re used to seeing in american movies. Nevertheless it’s always beautiful to see and much more beautiful to live there.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Also if we walk around we can find one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world. We are talking about the Golden Triangle where we must go and which we will find via the Rodeo Drive. It is a place full of shops that are full of luxury brands and scary prices for the commoners.

Beverly Hills City Hall

Beverly Hills City Hall


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Beverly Hills photos: Cris McRae, Camille Wanty, mcclouds.

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