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How to Have the Best Market Experience in Turkey

Turkish markets are noisy, busy, crowded and hectic – and a hell of a lot of fun to experience. They’re a quintessential part of a holiday to Turkey with package deal specialists like Jet2holidays, and when you know how to handle them, you can come away with some real bargains. However, they can be intimidating for the unprepared and so to make sure your trip to the market in Turkey is memorable for all the right reasons, just follow our helpful tips!

Embrace the Art of Haggling

Here in the UK we wouldn’t dream of trying to barter for a different price when we go shopping, but over in the Turkish markets, haggling down for a better deal isn’t just accepted – it’s expected! It’s a social practise in Turkey and can be really enjoyable too, when you know how to do it. All you have to do is know what an item is worth to you, ask the seller what price they want for it, and make them a counter-offer. Keep this going until you reach your final price, or at least one you’re happy to pay! It helps to employ a good poker face too, as the less you look like you actually want an item, the more eager the seller will be for you to buy it. Try it out – you never know what you can get!

Turkish Market

Turkish Market

Avoid the Fakes

All kinds of markets are rife with counterfeit designer goods, and while some will be obviously fake, others may be presented to you as the genuine article. Just ask yourself, how likely is it that an authentic Gucci handbag is going to turn up in a Turkish market for a fraction of the boutique price? Exactly – it’s not likely at all! Don’t waste your money on these kinds of goods and instead, save your cash for an authentic, locally-made, traditional Turkish trinkets like some beautiful pottery, a woven rug or a few boxes of Turkish Delight.

Market in Turkey

Market in Turkey

Watch Your Belongings

This tip obviously applies to all unfamiliar environments, but while the majority of people in the Turkish markets will be genuinely friendly, some may have a wicked agenda. Pickpockets and tricksters know that the Turkish markets are full of tourists with wallets crammed with cash, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted, always keep your bags in sight and with the zips tightly closed, and if anyone tries to lure you somewhere that isn’t public, do not go! Trust your instinct and you’ll have nothing but a great experience.



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