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Hot destinations for the winter

Leave aside the weather, the strong winds, the rain and the snow and enjoy the winter through hot destinations, the heat, the hot sun, endless beaches and pina coladas have a field day. In the southern hemisphere above the equator has idyllic settings that make the winters turn into a summer, carrying a little more early on warm summer nights under the stars…

1. Belize

Scuba diving in turquoise waters, Mayan temples and impressive kitchen with all kinds of seafood , in a place where the deep blue … no end!



2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous Copacabana and Ipanema , two of the most popular beaches in the city grabbing looks (and more!) , And the fun has no limits . Historical monuments , the most important of the Statue of Christ Redeemer , and multicultural cuisine does not leave anyone indifferent.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

3. Costa Rica

For adventure lovers , wildlife and volcanoes , this country offers a unique experience of exploring a place that leaves no one unmoved . Lush vegetation and palm trees bordering the beach…

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

4. Australia

A country with most beaches in the world , some of which are ranked in the top of the world , but huge waves for surfing enthusiasts . Food , entertainment, sightseeing and excursions for all tastes.



By Nicole P.

Hot destinations photos: stoofstraat, Meaningful Travel, Samuel Leo, Brandon Seiz.

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