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Christmas and New Year with the ghost tours in Cambridge

Ghost tour, Cambridge

With all the professors and students outside the campus for Christmas, a little bit as happened to Harry Potter, some would say that Cambridge is already disturbing enough during the holiday season. But, on the occasion of the festivities, you can take a 90-minute guided tour through the sights of Cambridge, haunted by ghosts, full of macabre tales, supernatural sightings and horrible events.

King's college chapel, cambridge 1446-1515.

King’s college chapel, cambridge 1446-1515.

The tour combines a ride of 45 minutes with a driver, through the university buildings and another 45 minutes around the city, from Mill Lane to the end of Market Square (opposite the church of the Holy Trinity). The price is 18.5 pounds, including a hot drink, chocolate or mulled wine.

Ghost tour, Cambridge

Ghost tour, Cambridge

The tour is organized by Scudomores, based in Cambridge, which is organized all year round guided tours of Cambridge and around its surroundings, such as the one that leads to the nearby Grantchester, a quiet village in the English countryside, with the highest concentration of Nobel awards in the world.

Photo 1: seier + seier, Photo 2: Melissa Becker

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