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Charming luxurious cottages in Spain

Only cottages have that charm and luxurious glamour that one needs to enjoy a pleasant stay in a space surrounded by nature. Here is an account of the main areas recommended for staying in a holiday cottage in Spain.

First we have Benarum. Located in the heart of Granada we have this huge house that is credited with no fewer than 15 houses each with 2 to 4 seats. These houses are characterized by their large space and variety of environments to enjoy a cozy experience. There will be some services such as kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, blender, color flat TV DVD, fireplace and more. If you want to feel like a king then Benarum has everything you need.



Secondly we have Almaravi. Also located in Granada, this is one of the larger and privileged resorts in Spain. The residence is composed of a total of 11 apartments which were designed with rural environments all sufficient to enjoy a lovely weekend with natural areas and scenic views to feel privileged. It is ideal for a weekend with the family.

Spain Luxury Cottages

Spain Luxury Cottages

Next is Posada Alfonso. Now is the time to talk about this historic resort that goes back to the year 1810 for its construction. Located in the city of Cantabria and there is no better time in Spain than in Posada Alfonso, an establishment in perfect condition which is situated 1 kilometer from the beach allowing you to enjoy a vacation paradise. Nearby are the villages of Comillas and Santillana del Mar Golf Courses, diving centers, hiking trails and many other activities await us.

Posada Alfonso

Posada Alfonso

Finally we have Vina Las Torres. We have this house located in Caceres in Sierra de los Lagares and 10 kilometers from Trujillo. Viña is a hotel with the best selection of cottages, room services and comfortable environment to relax after a busy day.

Spain Cottage photos: Ruy Barbosa Pinto, Inaki, Sara.

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