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If you happen to visit a place you have never visited before then read on to find the most luxury spots on that place!

Relax in a cozy guesthouse | Oyster Inn

The Oyster Inn

A cozy hostel in the island of Waiheke, 35 minute by ferry ride from Auckland, New Zealand has become a hotspot in the region since last year that the doors opened to the public. The Oyster Inn came to make the difference! The owners, Andrew Glenn and Jonathan Rutherfurd Best, originated from the region, working… Read More »

Hot destinations for the winter

Costa Rica

Leave aside the weather, the strong winds, the rain and the snow and enjoy the winter through hot destinations, the heat, the hot sun, endless beaches and pina coladas have a field day. In the southern hemisphere above the equator has idyllic settings that make the winters turn into a summer, carrying a little more… Read More »

Spend the night in an underwater hotel room

Manta Resort

The famous Manta Resort is located on the east coast of Africa and offers a unique experience to its guests. A single room is under water, giving the opportunity for anyone who wishes to enjoy a unique underwater view. The room is 4 meters below the water’s surface surrounded by large glass openings that allows… Read More »

De Kas | Gourmet lunch at a greenhouse

De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam

Impressive and with a highly original design is the restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam. Customers enjoy their meal within the specially designed area of a vegetable greenhouse. With a unique setting full of flowers, plants and vegetables, which are the raw material of food in this innovative restaurant, that has become a favorite for those… Read More »

Hotel Droog | Amsterdam

Hotel Droog, Amsterdam

The Hotel Droog is unlike any other hotel. It has a restaurant, galleries, shops, exhibitions and a nice garden. Looks like usual? Sure, but not after the one and unique room is not the only originality. From the moment you enter the reception and explore the public areas and the garden of the Hotel Droog,… Read More »

Where and how you can enjoy the Northern Lights

Aurora Bubbles

The Northern Lights are one of the biggest natural phenomenon on Earth and this year, according to forecasts of NASA, this winter will have another solar maximum, which means increased cosmic activity and better chances to see these famous ethereal illuminations. You need to certainly travel on the northern tip and you will have to… Read More »

Raja Ampat | Group of islands

Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat is a magnificent group of islands in Indonesia, which is famous for the greatest variety of reef at the bottom and for the rare marine species that are not encountered anywhere else. The name Raja Ampat comes from Indonesian local mythology, which refers to a woman who suddenly finds seven eggs. A… Read More »

An ecological reserve in South Tyrol

Vigilius Mountain Resort

On the high mountains of South Tyrol, the architect Matteo Thun created a mountain retreat wanting to actually make the perfect idea of ​​run away from everything. The result, a destination that offers complete tranquility. You can reach the resort by traveling 1,500 meters by cable car, enjoying the way with the breathtaking views of… Read More »

Giant hotels that could accommodate entire cities

Sheraton Macau Hotel, Macau

Magnificent buildings, luxury resorts and vast facilities, including giant pools, entire theme parks included in this unique list of hotels that could accommodate entire cities. See one by one the highlights, the numbers and the pictures that speak for themselves! Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas Rooms: 3,200 Could easily accommodate: The entire population of Taos in… Read More »

Luxury and style in historic suites

Empire Suite, New York

Who can say no to the luxury and comfort that a hotel suite can offer? We present the most luxurious and expensive suites in the world which they do not have anything to envy of many palaces and royal palaces. Royal Suite, Hotel Imperial, Vienna Gargantuan chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of the rooms, decorated… Read More »

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