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If you happen to visit a place you have never visited before then read on to find the most luxury spots on that place!

Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia can offer you many luxurious and unique options for your trips. Here are some some the best places to see there. Colonial Zone Kuala Lumpur Maybe it’s the place that has the most things to see and are all concentrated around Merdeka Square. The tourist attractions of the area are: Merdeka… Read More »

The underwater city of Shi Cheng | China

Underwater Shi Cheng

If you are looking for a different vacation, you can get to a destination that only few can afford: diving in the underwater city of Shi Cheng in China. Beneath the waters of the artificial lake Qindao in Zhejiang Province, its interest as a tourist destination has grown after appearing in a report in National… Read More »

Heavenly destinations: Cuba

Ciego de Ávila

Cuba is indeed a heavenly destination, as it has many wonderful places to see. First, in Guanabacoa, Havana province is where the first of the best beaches in Cuba is located: Playa Guanabo. It is known for its fine sand, crystal clear water and  the surrounding environment. The town is located next to a fishing… Read More »

The most unbelievable elevators in the world

Futuristic, very tall, very unusual and unique, the following elevators provide a unique experience, even if the trip lasts only a few seconds. See them below! Stockholm, Sweden The 20 minute trip to the Skyview glass gondola carries 16 passengers at the top of the emblematic Ericsson Globe and it is the best way to… Read More »

Sneak peak on the secret cities of Europe

Haarlem, The Netherlands

There are some cities that are close to famous attractions but they remain unknown to many people. Those who will visit them though, will be filled with amazing images without having to engage in battle with the tour groups. Discover unknown European cities below! Haarlem, The Netherlands Less than 20 minutes you will need to… Read More »

The Giant Buddha of Leshan | China

If you like to visit the giant, majestic statue, then carve the path to Leshan China, since there is the largest Buddha statue in the world, which was carved between 713 and 803 AD, which means that the age exceeds 12 centuries. It is said that the construction started in 713, led by the Chinese… Read More »

Visit the sensational Cuba | Caribbean

The revolutionary and authentic Cuba is the largest and most popular island in the Caribbean. Start your acquaintance with the place to stay in the Cuban capital, famed for producing the Havana cigars. Surrounded by walls, the Old Havana is a place of World Heritage for UNESCO. Beautiful colorful buildings, American cars of the ’50s… Read More »

The Trip of a Lifetime: Luxury Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for many things including its glittering skyscrapers, combination of sea and desert, ground-breaking architecture and world-class restaurants. It is also famous for its shopping, and where there were once only traditional souqs there are now vast shopping malls, including the world’s biggest. For shopaholics and fashionistas of the world, Dubai is now… Read More »

The magical Nishinomaru Garden | Osaka, Japan

Nishinomaru Garden & Sakura II

The Nishinomaru garden in Osaka, Japan, is an oasis and a natural reserve. More than 600 cherry trees, including the famous variety someiyoshino and about 95 different species of Japanese plants create a magical setting, which smooths visitors. Springs, ponds and trails that pass between the trees make beautiful landscape. The area is particularly popular… Read More »

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