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If you happen to visit a place you have never visited before then read on to find the most luxury spots on that place!

Rural tourism in the magical Cantabria

Cantabria Shore

In Cantabria, the rural tourist route cannot leave out the Nature Park Cabárceno, the Monumental Villa of Santillana del Mar and the Caves of Soplao. There are a number of routes that can be taken to explore the attractions Cantabria offers. For example walking routes passing through valleys include Argomilla stream walks, Castaneda and San… Read More »

The luxurious Amanpuri Resort of Phuket

Amanpuri Resort

Twenty years ago the beautiful Aman gave birth to the amazing and exotic Amanpuri Resort built on the tropical shores of the famous island of Phuket known for its amazing beaches of pure white sand, tall palm trees and crystal clear waters. Luxury Travel Spots invites you to spend a weekend in the exotic luxurious… Read More »

Indulge yourself with Golf Courses in Madrid

Madrid Luxury Golf

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city where you will find a variety of cultural and social activities that can make any day of the year exciting and fun, even for sports fans of less crowded sports such as golf, a sport that originated in the 15th century and that is now popularly known as the sport… Read More »

Annual Festival of Elephants in Jaipur

Elephant Festival of Jaipur

Now we’re already well inside the summer and the heat continues rising. Many of you you begin to plan ahead to give the welcome with a true seasonal travel. Well then I suggest one of the most famous festivals in Jaipur which is the capital of the famous city of Rajasthan. Elephant Festival is an… Read More »

Discover the beauty and culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka True Beauty

Sri Lanka offers a variety of activities and attractions that meet the expectations if the tourists who travel in search of adventure and exotic experiences to never forget. The stunning city of Anuradhapura was forgotten in the jungle for over 2000 years until today. When UNESCO chose it as a world heritage site it encouraged… Read More »

A luxurious vacation in Marbella

Marbella Fountain

The town of Marbella is south of Spain and belongs to the province of Malaga. Its privileged location facing the Mediterranean Sea, near the Strait of Gibraltar and the foothills of the Sierra Blanca have made it a much visited tourist destination. This city belongs to what is known in Europe as the resort of… Read More »

A deluxe holiday in Mallorca

Mallorca Sunset

Mallorca is the largest island of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. It is located east of Spain and is the sister of Ibiza. Mallorca has become over time a major tourist destination, especially for higher economic sectors in the world economy. Its beautiful beaches and exclusive resorts give a good name to this… Read More »

The most Paradisiacal landscapes of the world

Tulum Beach

Traveling is an art and art is to see beautiful things. These are some of the most paradisiacal landscapes that a traveler cannot miss. The Galapagos Islands are the last bastion almost untouched by the hand and predation of man. There great gifts of endemic flora and fauna can be found. This National Park combines… Read More »

The magnificent Belize Cayes

Belize Cayes

Los Cayos are islands located between the mainland and the reef in Belize along with the atolls and reef, they are the main attractions of this place. The Reef stretches over 185 miles and is the largest in the eastern hemisphere. The mangrove cays provide an ideal habitat for birds and marine life. Many fish,… Read More »

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