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In this category you will discover the most luxury beaches and seaside destinations in the world!

The luxurious sea of Alicante

Alicante Sea

Alicante is one of the Spanish destinations due to its geographical location and because it has luxurious maritime spaces ideal for diving. Here’s the recommended dive centers in Alicante. Scuba Xabia. First we have this recognized dive center, one of the most popular that exist in Alicante. Ideal for divers with or without experience, with… Read More »

Luxury water sports and activities in Valencia

Valencia Beach

Valencia by geographical location has maritime spaces ideal for luxurious sports such as diving and snorkeling. In the most recommended places for diving in Valencia we have Beasts Gandia beach with dives that reach 30 meters deep. This beach is one of the most popular for diving in Valencia including a variety of fish of… Read More »

The luxurious paradise of Cuba beaches

Holidays in Cuba

If there’s one thing Cuba is characterized by it is its exotic local, beautiful beaches and a range of architectural constructions ideal for adventurous travelers. Although, in their attractiveness we must include that Cuba is a reference to the practice of sports tourism because of its variety of scenarios and tropical islands. Custom, music, culture… Read More »

Laying your head on the shores of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beach

Costa Rica is one of those charming and luxurious places worth visiting during your summer vacation. Within the different activities that we perform, there is also the possibility of swimming, one of the most popular sports in recent years in Costa Rica. There are many recreational and alternative places that we can visit in Costa… Read More »

The magic seas of Philippines

Philippines diving Safari

Philippines is one of the most visited countries for the practice of various recreational sports in the aquatic environment highlighting within them diving. Of the various alternative spaces for diving, Philippines’ tropical weather boasts an idyllic hideaway where you can enjoy a variety of water surfaces. Within the recommended destinations are Cebu Island which is… Read More »

Trip to the beautiful Lofoten Islands of Norway

Lofoten Islands Norway

Norway Tourism is definitely an experience during which you’ll discover the stunning natural beauty of its fjords, snow covered mountains and of course the cultural richness of its people and the hospitable population. But a trip to Norway would not be complete without traveling to the Lofoten Islands which are located along with the fjords… Read More »

Traveler Tips | How to choose the most suitable cruise?

Luxury and Cruises

Every year the demand of tourists for travel on cruises increases so now when we decide to choose one, we must analyze the services, offers, routes, duration, among others. How to choose the best cruise? Which are the tips? The first is the path. What destination are you looking for? A walk in the Mediterranean,… Read More »

Some of the World’s most glamorous destinations

Wakaya Island, Fiji

The glamor is not only about whether we can live in a high economic level, although that helps, but we also need to have attitude to enjoy the destinations that can make us feel unique and glamorous. Currently, these are usually more exotic destinations. In the past destinations such as New York or Paris were… Read More »

Rent Your Own Island | Bonefish Cay

Bonefish Cay Island

If what you seek is the right place to achieve your totally private vacation look no further. Luxury Travel Spots recommends you Bonefish Cay, a beautiful and stunning private island with silver sand beaches as the ideal place for the perfect luxurious weekend! To the northeast of the Bahamas lies this small, private island which… Read More »

Luxury Hotel Excellence Riviera in Cancun

Cancun Mexico

If your interest in traveling to Mexico is to live your taste for luxury, high comfort and romance of a weekend on a walk along the white shores then we present you the Luxury Hotel Riviera Cancun, an excellent choice for your journey in search of luxury and privacy. It is also very popular for… Read More »

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