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In this category you will discover the most luxury beaches and seaside destinations in the world!

Why Go on a Yacht Holiday in Croatia?

Croatia sits across the massive Italian Peninsula, surrounded with numerous islets. The waters of the gulf are great for luxurious sailing because they are far from the open ocean. In addition, the weather is Mediterranean with dry summers and mild winters. For these reasons, yacht sailing is one of the most famous holidays in Croatia…. Read More »

Barefoot Luxury at Dedon Island in the Philippines

Journey to Dedon Island in the Philippines for a few days and experience barefoot luxury at its finest! Located on the southern tip of reef-ringed Siargao and surrounded by ancient mangrove forests, Dedon Island is a breathtaking resort offering crystal-clear waters, a powder-white beach and utmost relaxation. How exactly does Dedon Island pamper its guests?… Read More »

A tour of Barbados | Elegant and Luxurious Holiday

Barbados Beauty

Barbados is an island nation that is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean which boasts a truly spectacular natural paradise. Due to the location of this island, the beaches are the main tourist attraction and something unmissable on the island of Barbados. It is recommended that one visits the western and southern… Read More »

Touring Southeast Asia on a Chartered Luxury Yacht

When it comes to places where you can find unexplored wonders, Southeast Asia is your best bet. There is an abundance of untouched beauty that is best accessed by boat. So if you want a holiday in style, charter a luxury yacht to take you around the region’s most captivating isles. To help you plot… Read More »

Experiencing Seychelles and its Private-Island Resorts

Imagine lazing around talcum-powder beach enveloped by aquamarine waters with huge glacis boulders and lush hills as backdrops. Tourism advertisement? No, that’s just everyday routine in Seychelles. With a magnificent dreamlike setting, Seychelles unsurprisingly remains the top choice of couples and newlyweds for holiday getaways. However, if you are up for more than just beach… Read More »

The best islands of the Adriatic Sea

Island of San Domino

The Adriatic Sea washes and encompasses many of the most beautiful islands in the world that are popular destinations among tourists, coming from all places to spend their holidays. Here is a selection of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic, where you can find natural and crystal clear sea and places to stay, where… Read More »

Hop on board | Summer cruises

Port of Helsinki

On a cruise you can visit so many places in a short amount of time and besides, looking from afar reveals amazing places and details that are far from the eyes of the passersby. Cruising with Mickey and the gang In recent years you no longer need to go to Orlando or Paris to see… Read More »

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