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If you haven’t decided yet where to go on vacation and when is the right time then read on!

Paragliding in Granada

Granada Panorama

Granada is a beautiful Spanish city that offers you a variety of natural areas with panoramic views. But best of all is the possibility to paraglide, one of the most sought after sports in Granada and during which we can observe these amazing landscapes. In recent years there has been a significant growth of young… Read More »

The best wines of Penafiel

Penafiel Castle

Penafiel is a Spanish municipality of Valladolid that is highly regarded for its red wines. Within these, four stand that we cannot miss in our wine tasting route for that destination, they are the red book, the young red, the upbringing and large pool. At this location one of the main attractions is a visit… Read More »

Laying your head on the shores of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beach

Costa Rica is one of those charming and luxurious places worth visiting during your summer vacation. Within the different activities that we perform, there is also the possibility of swimming, one of the most popular sports in recent years in Costa Rica. There are many recreational and alternative places that we can visit in Costa… Read More »

The Most Stylish Shopping Streets in Spain

Vara de Rey, Ibiza

Everyone loves to return from a holiday with some fabulous souvenirs in their suitcase, and if you’re taking a trip to Spain or one of the Spanish islands, you may well find yourself close to one of these elegant avenues that are renowned for their luxurious shopping. Whether chic boutiques or designer labels are what… Read More »

The magic seas of Philippines

Philippines diving Safari

Philippines is one of the most visited countries for the practice of various recreational sports in the aquatic environment highlighting within them diving. Of the various alternative spaces for diving, Philippines’ tropical weather boasts an idyllic hideaway where you can enjoy a variety of water surfaces. Within the recommended destinations are Cebu Island which is… Read More »

A short vacation in Italy and its three cities

Rome Coliseum

Italy is not living one of its best moments to make tourists leave with a smile in their faces. The main cities generate dirt faster than they can stand, and it can’t help that the public money destinated to look after these cities goes secretely aloud to some private parties of the political class. Let’s… Read More »

The tranquility of Japan in Kyoto

Kiyomizudera Sunset

We enter religious tranquility with Kyoto where the main temples of Japan are. In my case, after being in Tokyo for four days, reaching Kyoto gave me the feeling of what we would say is a quiet provincial capital. Even after being the second biggest city of Japan along with Osaka, Tokyo is hustle, dynamism… Read More »

What is jet lag and how long does it last?

Plane in the sunset

Jet lag is the disorder that disrupts the body clock of travelers after one makes a long distance trip. Jet lag is caused because our body is programmed to have a period of one day and night in every 24 hours and when disturbed by a change we suffer disruptions in our stress levels, temperature… Read More »

Top Things to Do in Borovets

Skiing in Borovets

While most of your time may be taken up by skiing and boarding on the mountains of Borovets, don’t think that that’s all that your holiday can include. You may be surprised to know that there’s a whole host of fun activities to enjoy in and around Borovets, with most being easily accessible from the… Read More »

The richest cities in the world

Tokyo City

Have you ever wondered what are the richest cities in the world to visit? Several specialized companies that periodically make studies to analyze which are the world’s richest cities have come up with some interesting results. For example, in 2008 Pricewater House Coopers indicated that based on statistics from the end of 2006 and with… Read More »

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