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If you haven’t decided yet where to go on vacation and when is the right time then read on!

Top 3 Destinations to Celebrate the New Year

Now that another year is fast approaching, families and adventurers are preparing to travel to destination places for a different New Year’s Day celebration. For others, preparations have started months ago. Reservations have been made, vacation leaves filed and plane tickets have been booked as early as a year ago. If you were not able… Read More »

4 Amazing Travel Destinations That Are Less Visited

Siem Reap, Istanbul, Hanoi, Rome, Paris, Prague and London, these are just some tourist attractions that can’t be missed. Year after year, they made it to the Travelers’ Choice Awards by TripAdvisor. They are the kind of places people expect travelers to go. But surely, there are plenty of amazing places  out there that are… Read More »

Affordable Luxury Breaks for those on Budget


Travelling does not have to be about spending vast amounts of your hard earned money. There are ways to have luxury vacation and still stick to a budget. If you are flexible with your itinerary, you will find there are many affordable options for an affordable luxury break! Consider travelling while the kids are back… Read More »

5 Places Not to Miss on a Tour of India


India is a country full of many different kinds of tourist attractions including temples, mountains, deserts, natural wonders, caves, national parks, beaches and palaces. India is renowned for its delectable and diverse cuisines, colorful festivals, captivating history, vibrant culture and unparallel hospitality. Exploring the most popular places in India is like a dream come true… Read More »

3 Must-see Shows on Broadway

Now that Fall is here and with the new season kick off months ago, there is still a list of Broadway musicals and plays waiting for you to see. Whether you are a tourist visiting the Big Apple for the first time or New Yorker who needs to catch up, you can choose from different… Read More »

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Europe has many places that screams “romance”, which is why a lot of honeymooners think of it first as their choice of destination for days of marital bliss. Based on couple-friendly factors—accommodation, attractions, fine dining, etc—here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations in this alluring region of the world: Santorini With its breathtaking scenery, this… Read More »

Myanmar: Experiencing an Exclusive and Unique Kind of Holiday

Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. It is a Southeast Asian nation that borders, Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. Although this country falls far behind from its neighboring nations, anyone who has traveled here cannot deny the fact that it is a place where natural wonders and exclusive and unique travel experiences abound. Here… Read More »

2 New Restaurants in New York City You Should Not Miss

The Big Apple, America’s melting pot is renowned for its skyscrapers and cultural diversity. With people from different ethnicities making the metropolis their home, it is not surprise to taste different cuisines while in the city. If you have always loved visiting New York and have not done so for years, you might want to… Read More »

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