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News on Deals about the best luxury destinations on the planet!

Prohibited Baggage for your Flight

Full Luggage

If we are getting ready our luggage ready to travel we must consider all the elements that are considered prohibited baggage on the plane in order to avoid disappointment and have a good trip. What can we take on the plane? What is prohibited luggage on the plane? We’re here to inform you about this… Read More »

Traveler Tips | How to choose the most suitable cruise?

Luxury and Cruises

Every year the demand of tourists for travel on cruises increases so now when we decide to choose one, we must analyze the services, offers, routes, duration, among others. How to choose the best cruise? Which are the tips? The first is the path. What destination are you looking for? A walk in the Mediterranean,… Read More »

Luxury Travel in Australia

For anyone travelling abroad, Australia is a top destination with a certain fondness for the luxury things in life. If you’re looking for a five-star travel experience then few countries compare to the land ‘Down Under’. This vast country is one of the most diverse in the world and blends culture and culinary excellence with… Read More »


Seafarer has announced a new BVI flotilla for the winter running between January and April from Tortola.  The new programme is being run in association with Dream Yachts who have a long standing presence in the area with a fleet of 34-52 foot mono-hulls as well as an excellent choice of catamarans. This will be… Read More »

Entertainment vacation in luxurious Vegas

Las Vegas

Springing out of the sparse Nevada desert is a city of dreams, providing the ultimate luxury for vacationers mixed with every entertainment imaginable. Growing out of a small railroad town, Las Vegas developed to become synonymous with gambling and the final word in all-round leisure and recreation. This strobe light of a city attracts visitors… Read More »

Holiday activities: which are among the most dangerous?

Is there anything more exciting than going on holiday abroad? Visiting a different country, seeing new sights and hearing new sounds can all be a lot of fun, but sometimes, there can be a catch. You can never be too sure what might happen when visiting somewhere new, especially if something bad might happen like… Read More »

Visiting Turkey

Do you fancy a different journey but at the same time full of history and culture? This could be your ideal destination in Anatolia. But if time is short and you opt for a short stay, do not miss a visit to the region of the South-Eastern Europe. Turkey is a fabulous world to see… Read More »

Important info about shopping in Norway

Beautiful Norway

Here’s some useful information for anyone planning a luxurious trip to Norway. The country’s currency is the Norwegian crown or norske krone also abbreviated as NOK. The pennies are called øre. A euro is worth 8 NOK. Bills have 50, 100, 200 and 1000 NOK. The coins are 1, 5, 10 and 20 NOK. At… Read More »

3 Places to Travel to When You Retire

South Pacific Cruise

Retirement marks the beginning of a very new stage in your life, as work takes a back seat and the focus shifts towards things you have wanted to do for years. Most people choose to start travelling once they reach retirement, as a reward for all of the hard work they have put into their… Read More »

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