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In this category on Luxury Travel Spots you will discover the most luxury restaurants in the world and most delicious dishes!

Switzerland | Cailler Chocolate Theme Park

Cailler Chocolate Theme Park taste

You know that one of the most visited tourist attractions in Switzerland every year is the Cailler chocolate factory? When you have the chance to reach the historic building Cailler and enter the modern building attached that gives access to the factory visit, you’ll quickly understand what I just discussed. It gives you the feeling of… Read More »

The best wines of Penafiel

Penafiel Castle

Penafiel is a Spanish municipality of Valladolid that is highly regarded for its red wines. Within these, four stand that we cannot miss in our wine tasting route for that destination, they are the red book, the young red, the upbringing and large pool. At this location one of the main attractions is a visit… Read More »

The most popular dishes of Mexico

Mexican Cousine

Mexican cuisine offers a great variety of products that allow you to taste their dishes with intense flavors and distinct qualities. From old fashioned fish of Michoacan to preparations such as guacamole, regional dishes are a diverse party in the palate of tourists who often need several days of rest after a Mexican feast. Countless… Read More »

Cheese tasting in Madrid

Cheese Cake

A good cheese has shades on the outside and inside. We know how to recognize good cheese if we enjoy one hundred percent of this food. In cheese tasting workshops you can learn to differentiate by exercising your senses. Most Madrid cheese tastings teach us to distinguish smells, tastes, textures and manufacturing processes such as… Read More »

Wine tasting in La Rioja

La Rioja Ultimate Wine Tasting

La Rioja is an autonomous community of Spain well known for its wines under the Denomination of Origin Rioja which makes this destination ideal for a wine tasting that challenges your senses. As consumers it is ideal to know about the history of wine, its influence on popular culture, its denominations of origin, varieties and… Read More »

Hong Kong | Chinese cuisine

Chinese food market

One aspect that cannot be neglected to speak when dealing with the subject “China” is its kitchen. After visiting Shangay, Beijing, Hong Kong and after being delighted by the palate and the kitchen with a thousand flavours, I decided once again to start tasting a variety of food from region to region. I am convinced… Read More »

5 Statues Restaurant in Tivoli, Italy

Five Statues Tivoli

The restaurant of the Five Statues in Tivoli is very well known in the city of Lazio. Here you can eat fish and the location is really good so to speak. The interior is beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is romantic with lights a little dimed, but I would recommend having dinner here with friends…. Read More »

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