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Latest news on luxury destinations nice and easy with Travel Infographics.

Brits and their cars abroad

Some people like to travel around in their own car while others prefer to hire one out. Trouble is there are a few legal aspects that might vary depending on the country, and you may be required to carry specific items at all times. This is where the helpful folks from this website come to… Read More »

Best luxury summer destinations

Luxury summer destinations

Haven’t planned you summer holidays yet? Well don’t until you check this travel infographic. Here are the best luxury travel destinations for this summer or any summer. Find out the best place for you, why you must visit it and what to do there for the most luxurious summer of your life. Have fun!

Strats around Hawaii

According to the infographic that was conducted by Flipkey groups of two shape the 45% of the travelers’ pie that visit Hawaii for their holidays. FlipKey Travel Trends: Hawaii by vacation rentals site

Making the most of your traveling money

Making the most from your traveling budget

This post goes to the British who work in the UK and are paid in British pounds. If you are planning to travel in a European country, the travel infographic below will show you the way of making the post of your converted Euros.

Less liked cities in Canada

The travel infographic below shows, according to the Association of Canadian Studies and the National Capital Commission what the less adored cities in Canada are.

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