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Travel Art is a category on Luxury Travel Spots for those who love art and while on holiday they like visiting museums, castles, ancient sculptures and more!

One day cruise to three beautiful Greek Islands


In Athens, apart from visiting this splendid city, you can book an unforgettable cruise that will make you discover three Greek islands.. in the same day! Many agencies offer this cruise, you can find prices that vary from 49€ to 85€; all of them will take you to these three islands – Hydra, Poros and… Read More »

A short vacation in Italy and its three cities

Rome Coliseum

Italy is not living one of its best moments to make tourists leave with a smile in their faces. The main cities generate dirt faster than they can stand, and it can’t help that the public money destinated to look after these cities goes secretely aloud to some private parties of the political class. Let’s… Read More »

The best of Taiwan | A cultural trip


Starting from the center of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei has plenty of shops, restaurants, magnificent works of architecture and small towns reminiscent of exotic ancient cultures. However, Taiwan has even more to offer tourists including thousands of temples enclosed in the beautiful countryside on the outside of the capital ideal for rural tourism in Taiwan. Travelling… Read More »

Discovering the Aztec ruins | Ruins of Tenochtitlan

Aztec Ruins

The Aztec culture was one of the most important pre Columbian cultures that developed in the American territory and although its history dates from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, the time they were conquered by Hernan Cortez, they have made what we now know as Mexico a large sample of their power through archaeological… Read More »

Annual Festival of Elephants in Jaipur

Elephant Festival of Jaipur

Now we’re already well inside the summer and the heat continues rising. Many of you you begin to plan ahead to give the welcome with a true seasonal travel. Well then I suggest one of the most famous festivals in Jaipur which is the capital of the famous city of Rajasthan. Elephant Festival is an… Read More »

Discover the beauty and culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka True Beauty

Sri Lanka offers a variety of activities and attractions that meet the expectations if the tourists who travel in search of adventure and exotic experiences to never forget. The stunning city of Anuradhapura was forgotten in the jungle for over 2000 years until today. When UNESCO chose it as a world heritage site it encouraged… Read More »

The heart of the Czech Republic | Prague

Prague river bridges

Today we travel to the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic which today has a population estimated at 1.2 million in addition to having been described by travel agents as one of the most visited cities in the world at any time of year because its graceful climate makes it one of the most beautiful… Read More »

Cheese tasting in Madrid

Cheese Cake

A good cheese has shades on the outside and inside. We know how to recognize good cheese if we enjoy one hundred percent of this food. In cheese tasting workshops you can learn to differentiate by exercising your senses. Most Madrid cheese tastings teach us to distinguish smells, tastes, textures and manufacturing processes such as… Read More »

Wine tasting in La Rioja

La Rioja Ultimate Wine Tasting

La Rioja is an autonomous community of Spain well known for its wines under the Denomination of Origin Rioja which makes this destination ideal for a wine tasting that challenges your senses. As consumers it is ideal to know about the history of wine, its influence on popular culture, its denominations of origin, varieties and… Read More »

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