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Travel Art is a category on Luxury Travel Spots for those who love art and while on holiday they like visiting museums, castles, ancient sculptures and more!

Living the High Life in Papua New Guinea

A little north from Australia lays the Oceanian country called Papua New Guinea. It is one of the most culturally diverse in the world, with more than 800 different languages and different customary communities. It is also one of the least explored tourist hotspots mainly because of its myths and urban legends, which had transcended… Read More »

Paris | Home of art

Louvre, Paris

There is something about Paris that makes sense to us all. The inimitable city remains one of the most exciting, romantic, culturally and socially rich places to be, irrespective of centuries of change within its boundaries, France and the world itself. What is it about the French capital? Is there something cosmological about it? Does… Read More »

The imposing Louvre Museum | Paris

The Louvre

The Louvre is the most famous museum in the world. Symbol of the grandeur of France in centuries past, it experienced a period of renewal with the help of contemporary architecture for the construction of the great pyramid-shaped entrance. Some additional inputs were positioned laterally and posteriorly to reduce the problems of the queue. The… Read More »

Urban cycling scheme

Never like cars and buses in my life – have I always preferred going on my bicycle wherever possible without the need to park or pay a ticket. The problem is when you travel abroad and you cannot drag your bicycle with you. Don’t worry, in the infographic below (designed by momondo) you can see… Read More »

Oceania | Discover the Cook Islands

Aitutaki lagoon

Travel to the blue “planet” in the Pacific, one of the most distant island states, northeast of New Zealand and discover the Cook Islands: white sand, clear-blue waters, volcanic stones, untouched nature in the most luxurious holiday-spot of the planet.  The lagoon of Aitutaki has the most beautiful water you’ll ever see. The satellite photo… Read More »

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