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Casas Na Areia : A hotel on the dunes of Portugal

The wonderful feeling of walking with bare feet on the sand to be prolonged as long and as far as possible is a good feeling. This must have thought the filmmakers of the Casas Na Areia: a hotel on the dunes of Comporta, Portugal. The huts that make up the unusual structure are in fact resting directly on the sand, which surrounds the swimming pool and acts as a floor to the dining room.

Casas Na Areia

Casas Na Areia

The place is located on the  south of Lisbon, the Sado River Estuary (where still it si aa home of a population of dolphins). It is a long place which offers miles and miles of white sandy beach, which stretches up to Sines. The dunes are located inside the Natural Park of Arrábida and nearby there Casas Na Areia, a complex of four huts with as many double rooms, private bathrooms, fittings are modern technology halls. A shed instead contains the kitchen, the laundry area and another to launch bikes to the beach or to discover of this extraordinary land. In high season, the rent is 600 euro per day, a price which I guess is related to 8 beds in total.

Casas Na Areia in Portugal

Casas Na Areia in Portugal

Photo :dazulterra

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