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Affordable Luxury Breaks for those on Budget

Travelling does not have to be about spending vast amounts of your hard earned money. There are ways to have luxury vacation and still stick to a budget. If you are flexible with your itinerary, you will find there are many affordable options for an affordable luxury break!

Consider travelling while the kids are back at school.  There will be fewer crowds to contend with and often accommodations, and airfares are discounted.   Consider waiting until the last minute to book often last minute deals come up.

Do some research before you leave: There are websites that offer discounts up to 50% off on airfares, luxury accommodations, restaurants and adventure tourism.

The Greek Islands

The islands of Paros and Santorini have been listed as two of the most inexpensive places to travel in Greece and they both have many things to offer.

Santorini has two main towns: Fira and Oia. They are both backed by cliffs and offer many stunning sights for visitors of the Agean Sea on black, red or white sand. The island offers many things for tourists to do such as wine tasting, local cooking lessons, day cruises and water sports. Perissa Beach, located 15 km from Fira, has consistently been voted one of the best beaches in Europe and its black sand and breathtaking views are sure to please. By having a self-catering holiday in Greece you can enjoy luxury whilst saving some money.

Greek Islands

Greek Islands

The most popular beaches on Paros are Golden Beach, New Golden, Santa Maria Beach and Kolymbithres. The island has many things for visitors to see including monasteries, the Byzantine Monastery of Ekatontapyliani (the church with a hundred doors) you can also stroll through ancient villages and visit museums.


Thailand is a great place to visit on a budget because the cost of living is lower than many countries and your dollar will go far, this also makes the country a very popular destination for honeymooners. But a bare hut on the beach is probably not what you had in mind for your luxury break!  If you are interested in relaxing on beautiful white beaches, water sports, and freshly caught seafood these are great places to visit on a budget. Kantary Beach, Khao Lak is about an hour north of of Phuket and is located in the Khao Lak National Park. This area offers some really reasonable deals on a breathtaking beach and lovely accommodations. Koh Samet is a four drive from Bangkok and it is known as a weekend party place.  But the further south down the island the quieter it gets.  The white sand beaches are stunning, and a great place to experience the ultimate luxury on a smaller budget.



New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country but the cost of living is pretty highBut there are some budget options available. Consider a relocation tour in a campervan from Christchurch to Auckland that may include a free ferry ride. Most people fly to Auckland and drive down to Christchurch so there are many deals to be had for relocation. You will drive up the north island in style at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any extra charges.

New Zealand

New Zealand


Holidays to Australia are popular for a number of reasons, with the country drawing in tourists from Europe, Asia and the Americas in great abundance.  The weather is generally warm, the landscapes are truly unforgettable and the Australian hospitality is world-renowned. To get a real picture of Australia, you should rent a campervan out of Melbourne (or another of Australia’s major cities) and tour the country at your own pace. Australia however is much, much more than beaches, barbeques and kangaroos. The country boasts a number of must visit attractions, both man-made and natural, as well as enough activities and things to do.

Photos: mariusz, Reinhard Link, Thomas Becker.

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