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A huge dragon of tents on the beach in Qingdao China

Tents of Dragon

The Guinness Book of Records has added a new unique record from China: the mosaic of largest tents in the world. On the beach in Qingdao, the seaside resort that looks to South Korea was in fact set up with a huge colorful dragon: while the theme is obviously a tribute to the history and traditions of the country it is the method used to draw that appears very innovative.

Tents of Dragon

Tents of Dragon

In the sand have been set up, nine hundred colored curtains, blue, red and green, for a wild total extension of 3,500 square meters. A real dragon unpublished tent was built, with a mosaic of igloo tents, on the occasion of the Golden Beach Camping Festival in Qingdao which signals a trend in tourist habits of the Chinese residents. It can be the choice of camping as a place to spend the holidays without overspending which would in fact gain many supporters.

Photo: Chinadaily

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